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8 Top Tips for Making Your Home Look Luxe

Written by Katy Koleniak


Posted on March 26 2021

Most of us can only dream of the exquisite homes we see in the glossy mags and their fabulous interiors, offering bags of space and luxury details, but there are some very easy ways to bring that luxe edge to any home. You don’t need to break the bank to give your rooms a glow up, so let’s take a look at our 8 top tips for making your home look expensive;

1. Moldings & Panelling

Upgrading the interior architecture of your rooms will give them an instant luxurious edge. Wall panelling is a very easy way to make a feature of your walls and is a hot trend in 2021. Similarly, ceiling moldings around light fittings are being brought right up to date and draw the eye up to accentuate the space in the room.


2. Lighting

Never underestimate the impact that lighting has in a room. In fact, lighting can make or break a room and getting it right can elevate rooms in a way that furnishings alone cannot. Introducing statement lighting can add what feels like expensive touches to a room but can be as simple as upgrading light shades/pendants or adding backlighting to mirrors and wall mountings.

3. Picture Perfect

Utilising accent tables, bookshelves or mantels with carefully considered, purposefully arranged pieces adds those details which make your room a feast for the eyes. Vases, books, plants and ornaments based around a colour theme and of varying heights and textures, create those Instagram-worthy nooks in your home and don’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Floor to CeilingFloor to Ceiling

4. Floor to Ceiling

Luxurious flowing curtains are a perfect frame to your windows but don’t sell yourself short! The key to making curtains look expensive is taking them floor to ceiling, heightening the room and showing you mean business when it comes to your interiors! You want your curtain rods high and the fabric generous. If there is a textile piece to invest in, it’s your window dressings. Want the ultimate luxe look? Go beyond the floor and pool your curtain fabric at the base.

5. Large Scale Art

If you are opting for some gorgeous wall art, the key is go big! Statement large scale art is a firm favourite adorning the walls of the homes of A-listers and it’s easy to see why. Providing a stunning focal point for your room, as well as an interesting talking point, art draws people in and makes an space feel expensive and cultured. But bigger doesn’t always have to mean spending big bucks. Try getting a little creative and design a canvas of your own! Abstract always suggests expensive so go with the flow and tie splashes of colour in to your scheme.

6. Textures & Textiles

It’s the tactile elements that add depth to a room and one sure way to up the glamfactor is to add layers of texture and colour with cushions, throws and large rugs. Layering cushions with varying sizes and shapes will create an expensive looking fabric landscape that will feel plush and inviting.

Textures & TextilesTextures & Textiles

7. Fresh Flowers

Having fresh flowers around the home are a treat for your senses as well as being a luxe touch that screams opulence. No need to spend lots on expensive bouquets of exotic blooms, supermarket chrysanthemums work just as well.

8. Declutter

Saving the most important for last, decluttering! It can be difficult, especially if you have children, to have that perfect blank space as a backdrop for your interiors but using clever storage and yes, having a good old throw-out, will do wonders for your space! The less clutter around your home, the more high end it will look, it’s as simple as that. Be ruthless!

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