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Terrific Terrariums

Written by Katy Koleniak


Posted on April 09 2021

It’s no secret that here at Bisou we adore creating the mini living-art of nature under glass with terrariums! So when we had the opportunity to introduce a new range of stunning terrariums/florariums, we jumped at the chance and we are thrilled to present them to you.

So what exactly is a terrarium/florarium? How do you create one and what with? Let us give you the lowdown.

A terrarium is a glass container where exquisite displays of slow growing plants can be created. You can make them as simple or as elaborate as you wish but they are easy to maintain and bring the outdoors in.

Choosing a shape is entirely down to aesthetics, where you want your design to fit in your home and how you want to arrange the plants you have chosen. There are a wonderful variety of geometric terrarium shapes to choose from, from pyramids to cubes to our new favourite, the lantern shape. Bisou now stock a striking range of terrariums available now.

Glass Terrarium ProductsGlass Terrarium Products

Fully enclosed terrariums are only really needed to house tropical plants such as mosses or air plants, which require a more humid environment to thrive. However, most terrariums have an open face which provides a better habitat for cacti and succulents and also tends to make it easier to work with.


So you have chosen your terrarium, what else do you need? We’ve put together a little shopping list to help you out;

  1. Plants - an obvious one but a good place to start with your planning. Decide on the number of plants you will need to fill the space but not overfill it. Remember your little indoor garden will grow, so give them a little room to do so and don’t cramp them against the glass. Consider if you are going to have any further decorations within your terrarium or stick purely to plants.
  2. Potting soil - you won’t need a lot but soil is vital for the growing plants and their nutrients.
  3. Small pebbles/stones - used as a base layer for drainage purposes, grab some gravel from your garden or get some more decorative pebbles, the design is yours.
  4. Activated Charcoal - only a sprinkled layer is needed and it is widely available on Amazon, Etsy and horticultural sites. Its function is to keep the water going into the terrarium fresh and to help avoid bacteria growing.
  5. Small tools - no need to buy anything special here; spoons, pencils and/or chopsticks will be enough to do the miniature gardening required.
  6. Decorations - you can really add in any little decorations you would like. If you are making your terrarium with a child, they might like to add a little fairy in the woodland or a dinosaur to stomp through the vegetation! Making it for yourself? What about creating a little zen garden with the addition of a miniature Buddha, crystals, larger decorative pebbles or small houses.


Photo by Keszthelyi Timi on Unsplash
Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

Then all you need is a little time and patience to make your creation! Layer 2-3cm of pebbles in the bottom of your clean, dry container then sprinkle across a handful of the charcoal. Next add a good layer of soil, enough to ensure the roots of your largest plant are adequately covered. Then get planting and decorating!

Choose a spot with plenty of natural light (but not in direct sunlight) and give your plants a spray with water every couple of weeks or when the soil is dry to the touch.

Faux foliage is also a fantastic way to fill your terrarium without the need for any further maintenance. Fill the base with sand (layers of natural-coloured sands look very effective) place your faux plants and your creation is complete!

Terrariums make a stunning dining table centrepiece at home and for those brides to be out there, they can make fabulous floral arrangements for guest tables.


So there we have it - terrariums! A creative way to bring nature into your home and we are hooked!

Have you made your own? We would love to see. Tag us in your terrarium pics on social media and share the terrarium love!

Love Bisou x



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