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Top Ten Interior Trends - Spring/Summer 2021

Written by Katy Koleniak


Posted on February 23 2021

With Spring just around the corner, we are looking to the hottest new styles to indulge your home.

The Spring/Summer 2021 styles have well and truly landed and we have them all right here! So whether you like to dabble in the new home fashions or completely immerse yourself in up to date décor, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at the rundown of the top ten trends to hit 2021 along with a couple of continuing trends from 2020 which are showing no signs of slowing down;

1) Japandi – a delicious fusion of both Japanese simplicity in design and the equally minimalist and functional Scandi style that has been so prevalent over the last few years.  Blended together, the Japandi style incorporates natural textures, quality craftsmanship, clean lines and neutral tones to create a calming environment for fuss-free relaxation. And breathe…..


2) Maximalism – if the simplicity of Japandi isn’t your thing, there is another trend at the opposite end of the spectrum which is making its mark in 2021 – maximalism. Quite simply the ethos of the trend is that ‘more is more’ so more colour, more texture and more accessories. The final outcome when used to its full potential in a room can be loud but perfectly balanced, with key colours or patterns running throughout to bring together what could otherwise be a chaotic scheme.  This style is no doubt a tricky balancing act to get right, but the results can be truly breathtaking.


3) Cocooning – the events of 2020 not only caused everyone to be at home more but also seeking comfort and solace from our own little space. Cocooning is the trend which is being carried through into 2021 whereby we are bringing in snuggly fabrics, cosy textiles and comfortable furnishings – literally building our own cocoons of comfort away from the world. Think decadent fabrics, fluffy cushions, chunky knit throws, homey spaces and cosy reading nooks.


4) Home Office Revamps – again a direct consequence of 2020 and the flurry of homeworking that came with it. Whatever space you may or may not have at home to use as a workspace, it is all about maximising the functionality of the space available through clever storage whilst also keeping the space inspirational and light to keep both the head and heart happy and focussed. With increased homeworking looking likely to stay well beyond the pandemic, this is an area of interior décor which is set to evolve and flourish.

Home Office RevampsHome Office Revamps

5) Green Tones – Green is the breakthrough colour of the year for interior trends.  The trend ranges from rich jewel emerald tones to more muted, olive hues right through to soft seafoam greens. Feeding into the other trends for peace at home following the previous unsettled year, green is known to be a calming colour, providing links to nature and evoking an optimism and feeling of emotional wellness.

Green TonesGreen Tones

6) Dark Kitchens – the green trend continues through into the kitchen in 2021 with Sage Green kitchens becoming a hot item. A beautifully finished kitchen in a darker shade of green or navy blue will add fantastic drama to the space without making it look smaller or gloomy. Add natural materials through furniture and worktops to provide light balance and offset the use of colour. Here at Bisou, we are drooling over navy blue cabinets with copper accents.

Dark KitchensDark Kitchens

7) Faces – continuing from the popularity of the 2020 trend of line art abstract faces, 2021 goes a step further by bringing abstract faces to vases, candleholders, rugs, plant pots and sculpture.  The pieces feel super modern and artsy without having to try too hard. 


8) Cottagecore – a fabulously floral trend which has been emerging in previous years, looks set to make a big statement this year.  Taking inspiration from countryside interiors but adding a modern twist to allow its use in any interior. Pair lush botanicals with natural materials like linen, rattan and wool for a truly stunning effect. 


9) Statement Vases – a small but impactful change can really transform a room and statement vases are the 2021 way to do just that. Bold, oversized designs, bright colours and unusual shapes are all en vogue in the Spring Collections hitting the stores. Truly stunning in their design, these vases really don’t need flowers to set them off, instead standing as focal pieces all on their own.

Statement VasesStatement Vases

10) Dried Flowers – if you do need something to fill a vase, statement or otherwise, dried flowers are the new go-to for the interior design world.  Not only are they remarkably beautiful in their delicacy, they won’t wilt away like fresh blooms!  The increasing range of dried bouquets available mean they can be colour co-ordinated to any palette and add a gorgeous pop of texture. Want an ultra-modern twist?  Hand tie your dried flower spray and hang them to display.

Dried FlowersDried Flowers

2021 is looking to be the year of nature, earthy tones and bringing the outdoors in. As the world attempts to overcome and heal from the previous year, we are all looking for comfort and grounding, and the new interior fashions are providing that in spades.

The incoming trends really do cater for all tastes, ranging from the ultra simplistic to pattern clashing and intense florals.  The overarching message, in a time when we all need to feel a little kindness, is ‘you do you’.

The seasonal trends are there to set a base, but ultimately, it is your space and if you take joy from your surroundings, then the décor is successful for you.

Love Bisou x

Coming soon;  Home craft hobbies - macramé, and upcycling are making a phenomenal comeback.  Plus our own upcycle project revealed!



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